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Personal Insurance

The most important asset in your life is you; have you protected your asset?

If you were severely injured in a car accident next week so that you couldn’t go to work and needed full-time care, would you have the financial resources to cope?

“Insurance is one of those things that you never want to pay for, but you want the biggest payout possible when something goes wrong and you suddenly need it!”
Each year you should review your insurances.
As your circumstances change the amount of insurance you need also changes.
You may have too much insurance or not enough.
Either way insurance is not something you set & forget.
Insurance policies evolve, just like your needs.

Most of us have some insurance, but the vast majority of Australians are severely under-insured.

Most people would never consider driving a car without motor insurance, yet less than a third of us insure our most important asset – our ability to earn an income. Insurance, we believe, is one of the most critical components of any comprehensive financial strategy. You need to consider protecting your personal and financial well being from unforeseen illness, injury, permanent incapacity, traumatic illness or death.

Many super funds will offer life and risk insurance as part of their additional services. You may only be covered to a degree and this amount may not meet your requirements. The Local Financial Planner will work with you to advise you on insurances and how these premiums should be funded.

There are a number of different types of insurances that The Local Financial Planner can assist you with

  • Term Life (or Death)

    Pays a lump sum benefit if the insured dies during the term of insurance.

  • Total or Permanent Disability

    A pre agreed lump-sum amount if you suffer a long term illness or injury making you totally and permanently unable to work. It is generally paid when you have been advised by a medical specialists that you will never work again. Definitions of total permanent vary between providers so it is essential to discuss this with The Local Financial Planner.

  • Trauma (also known as Critical Illness)

    Pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specific illness. These differ from policy to policy but can include cancer, stroke and heart attack. Trauma insurance covers the gap between being diagnosed and returning to work – it will ease the financial pressure and the medical costs.

  • Income Protection

    A benefit that pays you up to 75% of your income and covers you if you are unable to work for a medical reason. It is paid until you return to work and if necessary until you are 65 (depending on your occupation). This will allow you to focus on your recovery without financial pressure. It is generally tax deductible.