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The Planning Process

Making a solid foundation for your financial future

Planning Process

Today, consumers have access to more information than ever before.

Financial planning is the process of managing your money to achieve personal economic satisfaction. Every person has a unique financial position and therefore any financial activity must be carefully planned to meet your specific needs.

Financial happiness begins by working out where you want to be and then putting in place plans to help you reach your goals.

Taking control of your finances is the key to delivering financial peace of mind.

We have a strong commitment to delivering quality, personalised financial advice and are dedicated to seeing you succeed. Our advice process is outlined as follows:

Step 1 – Initial Chat

During this time we want to find out all about your situation and what has brought you here in the first place. From the information you give us we will discuss what is important to you and what you could use some assistance with. We tell you all about us and what you can expect from us.

Step 2 – Identify suitable services

We take you through our Wealth Management Framework and Services Menu which will help you identify the advice areas that would benefit you the most. We agree on which Service Package ticks the right boxes for you and fits within your desired Financial Planning budget.

Step 3 – Present your Advice Document

After our initial chat, we work to create personalised strategies for you and present you with a comprehensive Statement of Advice. This outlines our recommendations and explains how they will help to achieve your goals. You will meet with your planner to discuss the recommendations and consider all the supporting documentation.

Step 4 – Implement Recommendations

When you have chosen which of the recommendations you want to take on board we will implement them for you.

Step 5 – Checkpoint

Good financial advice is not set-and-forget. Your personal circumstances change, the investment market changes,– and rules and regulations are regularly altered. We like to meet with our clients regularly to review our advice – and make the necessary adjustments to make sure you are always on track.