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Retirement Planning

We can help with a plan for those approaching over 55’s.

Retirement Couples

The question you need to consider is – are you on the right track to live the life in retirement that you have dreamed about?

You are never too young to consider planning for your retirement. Thanks to better health care we are living longer. This means that some Australians will spend more time in retirement than in the work force. The good news is that there are actions you can take while you are working, as you are easing into your retirement and when you are fully retired that may assist you to reach your retirement savings goals and help make your money last you through retirement.

We can work with you now to ensure you are free from financial worry in your retirement.

A Transition to Retirement strategy may help you to cut back hours at work while still having enough income to get by, or purely to minimise tax. We also help you with your investment selection within your retirement income stream, and monitor your withdrawals so that you will not be left short later in retirement.

There are so many questions

  • How do I make my money last?

  • Where should I invest my money?

  • Do I pay tax in retirement?

  • How much can I withdraw from super?

  • How do I prepare for residential aged care?

Receiving a full or partial Age Pension is something many Australian workers look forward to when they quit the workforce and join the grey nomads. However it is becoming more difficult to obtain, with the eligibility age pushed out and assets & income tests to consider. There are strategies that can assist you in maximising any Centrelink entitlements, such as where your investment assets are held and where you are deriving your income from.

Ensuring a meaningful lasting legacy for your family can be a complex and emotional task. Most people haven’t made even a simple will, to say nothing of a more comprehensive plan to avoid probate or save on estate taxes. Ignoring the inevitable can have dire consequences that can end up being very expensive and even result in irrevocable rifts among family members.

We can assist you with:

Making a will

Power of attorney

Selecting an executor

Giving guardianship

Protecting your assets