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Retirement and Super

The burning question is – “Are you confident you can retire with the lifestyle you desire?”

Many of us think superannuation is too complicated, confusing and basically it isn’t our money because we can’t touch it. It is your money, you or your family will have access to it one day and it is a very useful vehicle for retirement savings, not to mention tax effective! Your retirement may seem like a long way off but the choices you make now can make a difference to the amount you retire on.

For many of us, it may be the largest asset we own, apart from our homes.

With numerous contribution options, Superannuation can become a complex and overwhelming area. At The Local Financial Planner, we can assist with the following that will help you build towards your retirement.

  • Concessional Contributions

    the before-tax contributions you make, and performance returns earnt inside super are taxed at 15%

  • Salary Sacrificing

    in consultation with your employer contributing some of your pre-tax salary to be paid directly to your super fund, before income tax is deducted. Therefore reducing the income tax you pay.

  • Employer Super Guarantee Contributions

    this is the amount the employer pays on your behalf.

  • Self-employed Deductible Contributions

    where at least 10% of total income must be derived from self-employed business activities.

  • Self-employed or Not Working After Tax (non-deductible) Contributions

    eligible for government co-contribution payment if other conditions are met.

  • Spouse Contributions

    spouse splitting or spouse contributions can assist to reduce the family’s annual tax bill.

  • Advice on and information on concessional and non-concessional caps

Your Superannuation should be reviewed yearly to make sure it is tracking in line with your retirement expectations.